Why Station Noire?

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Being Black in today’s climate is a struggle. 

We aren’t born with a manual on how to navigate a life where society paints a target on our backs because of our skin colour. 

As the years go by, we are burdened with the brunt of society’s influence and forced to keep our heads raised high and fight to avoid succumbing to the hatred of the system. Doing what we do best, we band together as a community to help uplift each other through the celebration of our strengths and appreciation for our existence. Living in a world where we are beaten down for how we look, we sometimes need a reminder that our blackness is enough. We matter. We deserve to be loved. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to exist. 

We often focus our energy on the people that surround us and very little on ourselves. That’s why we’ve created Station Noire. To provide that opportunity for us to splurge on ourselves because we are worth it. There’s nothing like warring with yourself about whether or not to buy that nice product you’ve seen people raving about online, finally taking the jump and then realizing it wasn’t created for someone like you. At Station Noire YOU always come first and are always in mind. 

Each Noire Box is carefully curated with self care, beauty and wellness products. All brands in the box are Canadian, Female and Black Owned. Get your Noire Box today!