About Us

Station Noire is a female owned and operated business, started by mother-daughter duo Gail & Xaria. Station Noire and the Noire Box was created with the idea of bringing more awareness to black owned businesses while reminding people to self care. We want to encourage folks to shop conscious and support their communities.

Dedicated to Self Care — because we deserve it — we have created the Noire Box! A subscription box service containing self care & wellness products made by Canadian Female BIPOC Owned Businesses.

We offer products for your hair, body and face that can be used by all ethnicities. By supporting Station Noire you are also supporting several BIPOC Owned Businesses!

The Noire Box currently comes on a Quarterly subscription  –  themed for the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter). 

The Noire Box is also open for a one-time purchase to try us out!

Meet the Ladies Behind the Brand

Xaria Levy

CEO & Social Media Manager

Hello everyone! I’m Xaria.

Self Care is something we talk about doing and never actually get around to it. Shopping consciously is also something we all say we want to do but end up choosing convenience or affordability. I wanted to break that cycle — and so Station Noire was born.

Station Noire was created with the vision of becoming a platform for Women of Colour in Business to have as their own. From there, we created the Noire Box – a quarterly subscription box packed with Self Care products from truly talented Women in the Wellness and Self Care business. We wanted to give these women the exposure they deserved whilst reminding Canada and the world that Self Care is the Best Care.

We all have so much going on all at once and with the world in the current state that it is, it’s even more imperative to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves. As the famous saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup”

So from one Self Care Lover to the one I hope to convert you into, thank you so much for rocking with us and being part of our SN Family. Your support means more than you could ever understand.

*Fun fact: I’m a foodie, enjoy visting new places and get my love for music & dancing from my Mum! *

Let’s Connect

Gail Levy

COO & Managing Partner

Hi Everyone! I’m Gail!

Self-care isn’t something I thought much about until I hit 50, unfortunately. Aside from regularly doing my nails and the odd massage, a self-care routine was non-existent. Being a mom of 2 spectacular girls, Xaria and Leila, and working full time, I didn’t put much thought into having a regular routine of self-care.

Stepping into a new phase of my life I realized how important it is to take care of yourself first so you can be your best version. When Xaria came to me with her vision for Station Noire and asked me to be her partner, I knew that this was going to be a great adventure.

Alongside my daughter and partner Xaria, I hope to make Station Noire a Lifestyle Brand by connecting people of all ethnicities with emerging BIPOC owned businesses, while indulging in themselves at the same time.

Fun fact: Along with my husband, I had my own previous entrepreneurial experience as a food truck owner in the Caribbean. I enjoy travelling, music & dancing, and challenging jigsaw puzzles. I hope to tour the continent of Africa one day.

Noire Box

Self care Subscription Box offered quarterly and as a one-time purchase to try us out! 

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