About Us

Station Noire was created with the idea of bring more awareness to black owned businesses and reminding people to self care. Often times we must go to multiple places to find products catered to our skin and our hair or are made by the people that represent us. 

We have always been advocates for social change, and since with being involved in anti-black racial movements, we were moved to connect black businesses in one place.

Dedicated to Self Care — because we deserve it — we have created the Noire Box! A subscription box service containing self care & beauty products made by Canadian Female Black Owned Businesses.

We want to connect people of our community to the products we need, made by the people who know best what our needs are, all in one affordable and convenient box – The Noire Box. 

We offer self care and beauty products such as body scrubs, bath bombs, cosmetics, moisturizers and more. All products that can be used by all ethnicities & by supporting Station Noire you are also supporting several Black Owned Businesses!

The Noire Box currently comes on a Quarterly subscription  –  themed for the season (Spring, Summer Fall & Winter). Monthly subscription offer coming soon. 

The Noire Box is also open for a one-time purchase to try us out!

Meet the Ladies Behind the Brand

Xaria Levy

CEO & Founder

Hello everyone! I’m Xaria. Supporting Black Businesses is something I’ve always been about. My parents raised me to love the colour of my skin and the body I’m in. I’ve always had a hard time finding products that were made by people who looked like me and had my skin and hair types in mind. More than that, being able to find them all in one place. This drove me to create Station Noire and with the vision of building our community. We’re in a time like no other and I want to connect people of colour to brands, businesses and services that are made by us & for us.

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Lead Content Creator

Hey I’m Natt! Your favourite, funny, friendly black hottie. An opinionated self taught MUA, DIY queen and motivational beauty and lifestyle guru. Aside from makeup, I love reviewing everything from hair care, nail care and even books. I am being everything I want to be, and I want to encourage all you melanated babes to do the same!

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Blogger & Content Creator

Hey y’all my name is Fareeda and I’m a lover of skincare and makeup! I’ve always had passion for the art that is makeup, which lead me to become a certified MUA. Through my training, my interest in taking better care of my skin was sparked. Now you can’t catch me talking about one without the other!

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Noire Box

Subscription Box offered quarterly and as a one-time purchase!  Monthly coming soon!